Schmeks® Beef Jerky and Beef Stix

We have been a family run and operated business since 1996 and are located in the Riverland area of regional South Australia. We have two great snack lines, SCHMEKS® BEEF JERKY and SCHMEKS® BEEF STIX which are highly sought after right across Australia in places such as hotels, clubs, service stations and convenience stores - from the cities to the outback.


Our Beef Jerky is packaged in 20 g bags and is made from 100% Australian choice lean beef and marinated using our secret recipe before air drying it to perfection. We do not use soy sauce. SCHMEKS® BEEF JERKY comes in two great flavours, Original and Chilli, and are packed with nutritional value which is:



Our Beef Stix are affectionately known as "The Great Australian Bite". SCHMEKS® BEEF STIX are a big 50 g stick and come in two delicious flavours, Original and Hot ‘n Spicy, and are individually cryovacced to seal in the freshness and taste. Made from beef (50%) and pork (45%), our products have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration. Conveniently packaged and a snack that is ideal for:

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